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Ok… writing……writing.

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Well its been a while since I posted a post. I thought I’d give my legions of reader an update.

Thanksgiving took a lot out of me. My brother was in the hospital with renal failure (gee thanks God!), and my son has an ear and chest infection (once again, you da man!).

Happy Sphere update;

Weapon systems aboard the Happy Sphere are at 90%, Com and propulsion are nominal.  The source for the anomalous vermouth to vodka and gin levels has been discovered, someone in sector 7G was drinking vermouth on the rocks. The individual was summarily executed.

End communication.


Riz Crackers

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Sneezing, the unavoidable prayer

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It kinnda bothers me when someone says “bless you” after I sneeze. I never really know how to reply. I don’t really think that I’m in my death throes or any other peril that would need a blessing. Besides even if I were I don’t think I would benefit from it.

When someone else sneeze I am at more of a loss. Sometimes I’ll say “bless you” purely on reflex. Sometimes I just ignore it, but I feel kind of rude doing so.

I’d like to know what you think, please take my poll and feel free to add comments
Poll: Does it bother you when someone says “Bless you” after you sneeze?

It sounded fun 2 years ago

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I truly do love elections, and I also love the Olympics. Both come a round every four years, and I look forward to them with anticipation each time.

Then they arrive and the reality sets in; bad calls by referees and bad decisions by voters. Then the allegations of cheating (most likely well founded in both).

Then the repetition sets it; how many times can I watch them run in a circle, how many times can I see that ad. The Olympics luckily end before really turning me sour.  Then its just the election.

Then the dirt flies; attack ads, name calling, ad hominem attacks. After months of wading through the sewage it really becomes hard to care anymore, but we do. We trudge through any weather, and wait in long lines. We punch the holes in the cards, go home and watch the results.

With both democracy and athletic competition, the highest ideals of each is why we all care. Even when those ideas become veiled, it is our collective belief in those ideals that keeps us coming back.

Well this is a let down

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I go and create the most heavily armed blog in the world, capable of destroying other blogs, and I still haven’t gotten one comment, most likely because no one is reading it. Someone told me I would get readers if I posted something worth reading. I don’t see how if no one is reading it anyways, how would they know if I have posted anything worth reading.

Besides being insightful is hard.