Ok… writing……writing.

Well its been a while since I posted a post. I thought I’d give my legions of reader an update.

Thanksgiving took a lot out of me. My brother was in the hospital with renal failure (gee thanks God!), and my son has an ear and chest infection (once again, you da man!).

Happy Sphere update;

Weapon systems aboard the Happy Sphere are at 90%, Com and propulsion are nominal.  The source for the anomalous vermouth to vodka and gin levels has been discovered, someone in sector 7G was drinking vermouth on the rocks. The individual was summarily executed.

End communication.


2 Responses to “Ok… writing……writing.”

  1. Just came across your Oct. 31 comment at the skeptics society blog. You are misinformed, I never said I have powers, but I did say Randi is a liar and I have a standing offer of ten thousand dollars for any skeptic if I can not prove he is a liar. Novello knows I can prove it so does Shermer and Randi. Before you make comments about someone you have no knowledge of, or something you also have no knowledge about you should get your facts straight. Please ask yourself why they won’t take my money. Better yet, ask them. I will be glad to show you my proof on one condition, that after you see I am telling the truth that you make a public apology for your snide remarks about me and that you also contact Randi and ask him why he lied. If you really are interested in the truth you will be glad to see my evidence. Thank you, Bill Perron

  2. I highly enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep up writing such exciting stuff.

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