Bold New Republican Strategy; Failing Before The Election.

John McCain has once again playing as a mavrick as he parts ways with Bush and has decided to fail before the election.  While some may chalk the poll numbers up to Obama running a great campaign, I believe McCain deservses some fair credit for the effort he has put into not getting elected.

One only has to look at the last debate to appreciate how hard McCain is trying to fail. Rude and condecending remarks and actions like “that one” and walking off without shaking, while knowing we don’t want a petty commander-in-cheif. Waffling on his strongest issue national defence.  Saying he’s a mavrick and doing a bad imatation of Ronald Regan. All in all the debate showed McCain’s strong commitment to failure.

Another tally on the GOP’s history of nominating failures and another tally on McCain’s history of not being president.


2 Responses to “Bold New Republican Strategy; Failing Before The Election.”

  1. the GOP does not want this election. they threw McCain a bone and allowed his nomination but failure is the course. Why else would they allow him to chose Palin as a running mate. they kill three birds with one stone. They keep the “Mav” on their side (he is a political force), they get to say “hey, we got a chick, and she is good lookin, and they get to throw the election.
    because they know no matter who gets this election they are royally SCREWED due to current circumstances and whoever holds that office, and moreover the party that does, will be lambasted in the future.

  2. YOLA56 comment2 ,

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