I can’t believe they finaly switched it on. Its not everyday that the grandest scientific experiment goes online. I can wait to start hearing to wonders that this machine will discover. What technologies will this lead to? What questions will it answer? What new questions will it pose?

This day may not be a date that will be remembered like July 20th 1969, but it will be a day that changes to world.

Still there are those that are fearful of what it will do. Their fear are unfounded but it does beg the question why are people afraid of science?

Science has been misused; nuclear bombs, bio and chemical weapons. This is not a problem with science, it is a problem with humanity. When fire fas first created, Im sure there were those who huddled in the dark out of fear of this new discovery. We must not let our fears overshadow our curiosity and spirit of discovery.

Here are some of the things it is predicted to find.


2 Responses to “Wow”

  1. People arent really fearful of science at all, they are afraid of what they think science is. They proceed from a false assumption that scientists are exactly the way they are portrayed in poor Sci-fi movies. If only Carl Sagan were still alive.

  2. Don’t tell me not to be afraid with these so called “scientists” colliding hardons together making subatomic supergay molecules…
    What the hell is a hadron?

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